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Hamsters and Customer Motivation

Updated: Jan 31

Customer motivation and hamsters


My daughter wants a hamster.

My daughter also hates to clean her room and would prefer that chores didn’t exist.

I... do not want a hamster…but I’m open to the idea.

I told her she could have a hamster for her birthday and that she would have to take care of it.

But I needed to see if she could be responsible for an animal.

So we talked about what that would look like…

  • Feeding the dog every night

  • Keeping her room clean

  • Getting the mail

  • Putting her laundry away

And doing those things consistently…not just when she felt like it.

…My daughter wants a hamster…

Guess whose room is spotless and whose dog is well-fed?

So what changed?


I’ve been trying to get her to clean her room consistently for years but could not figure out what would motivate her…begging and pleading only go so far.

I realized to see consistent action, the motivation to keep her room clean would have to come from her.

And apparently, that motivation is a hamster…and now I have consistent action and my desired outcome.

Why does customer motivation matter?

I challenge you to think about the following question…what motivates your customers?

What do they need to understand about your product that will allow you to get your desired outcome? Cost? Customization? Community?

Understanding customer motivation affects all areas of your business from lead generation to satisfaction and retention.

And of course…it affects your messaging and strategy (my favorite).

And unless you plan on giving out hamsters, I suggest you talk to your customers. Get to know them. Listen to them. Learn from them.

And then give them the motivation they want so they are compelled to buy your product.


Anne Laffin is the founder of Fin Marketing Management. She created this consultancy out of her experience watching startups try to navigate marketing during their foundational years. She understands the pitfalls of not having a marketing plan or strategy catered to your target audience and created a solution that specializes in creating both.

Have questions about finding your customer's motivation? Let's chat!


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