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Solutions for your Startup

Every early-stage startup has different needs.  Fin's solutions are designed to fit your company's unique goals and can be utilized as stand-alone phases or as an end-to-end solution. 


Actionable Advising

Are you a founder running marketing? Or do you have a small marketing team in place?

I’ll be your strategic marketing advisor helping you achieve your goals. 

You will receive: 

  • Coaching

  • Strategy

  • Campaign Development

  • Systems Training

  • Process Creation

$3,750 per month

Pint Sized Planning

Need help pulling all the pieces together without the long-term commitment?  

A microplan will help build the cohesion and flexibility you need.

You will receive: 

  • A quarterly marketing plan outlining: 

  • North Start Objective

  • Audience

  • Goals

  • Success Metrics

  • Monthly retention and lead-generating tactics

$2,500 flat fee

Creative Content

Organic content strategy and execution.

Starting at $1,900 a month.

Plans may include: 

  • Social Media posts

  • Email campaigns

  • Sell Sheets

  • Blog Posts

  • Monthly content strategy and calendar

  • Content creation and templates

  • Content distribution

  • Bi-Weekly check-in meeting

Messaging Makeover

Branding and Messaging are the FOUNDATION of your marketing. If you don’t know how to articulate why you are in business, how your services solve a problem, and what makes you different from your competitors, you aren’t saying anything of value to your potential customers.


You will receive: 

  • Audit of website and 3 additional marketing channels 

  • Refined value proposition and mission statement 

  • Review and refresh of product/service offering language.​

  • A basic brand standards deck (if needed) or review of the current deck.

  • A marketing plan and strategy for the next six months.

$5,500 one-time fee


Fractional Head of Marketing

Let’s develop a custom plan of attack for your early-stage startup.

Plan may include: 

  • Marketing plan and strategy

  • Content creation and distribution calendar

  • Social media management

  • Partner relationship management

  • Up to 3 hours of meetings per month

  • Ongoing email support as needed

Sound like what you need?

Curious about how it works? 

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