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Email sender requirements and why they matter

Email sender requirements

In case you haven't heard, Google and Yahoo rolled out new requirements for bulk email senders earlier this year. 

Bulk senders = most companies including startups!

Why do email sender requirements matter? 

Because these requirements can drastically affect who receives your email, who opens your email, and your ability to continue sending emails.

So let’s get familiar…

The guidelines focus on three areas: 

  1. authentication of outgoing emails (sender cred)

  2. reported spam rates (perceived low-value content)

  3. and the ability to easily unsubscribe from an email list (parting ways)


Authentication is a little techy but includes the following… 

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) 

  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) 

  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) 

If you've been sending emails, you likely already have these bullets covered. But it's a great time to check that you are buttoned up.

Spam Rates or junky email ...

Spam is reported by the receiver... and the rates now need to be below .1% and never over .3%  Yikes...

My suggestions to avoid a spam flag… provide the right value to the right audience, space out your sends, and vary your send times.  You need to get to know your list.

One Click Unsubscribes 

I know people hate losing subscribers. But if they want to leave, they probably should. Make it easy for them to go so they have a good experience on the way out.

One last thing to keep mind about sender rule regulations...

These rules apply to ALL emails coming from your sending domain…including cold outreach sales emails. 

Marketing and sales should work together to align best practices (particularly in startups where the process may not be as clean and clear.)

Don't let these requirements ruin your faith in email (it still has the highest ROI of any marketing channel!)

Set yourself up for success by working with the new rules...not against them.

And if you have questions about any of the content in this blog, feel free to set up a free consultation!


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