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Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing 101

Imagine having access to a marketing channel that has endless potential for reaching your audience, design applications, messaging, and growing your business.


Now imagine being able to easily create emails that effectively engage your audience, consistently perform well, and bring in new revenue…


Join my Email Marketing 101 course that gives you access to hundreds of hours of email marketing insights in 4, 1 hour live sessions.


I’ve compiled everything you need to know to hit the ground running with your email marketing including:


  • basics and best practices
  • design and copy tips and tricks
  • list building tactics
  • metrics you should be tracking and what they mean
  • the best email marketing tools available for your business
  • and LOTS of other goodies


Plus, you’ll receive:

  • 4 email funnels (that’s 12 email templates!) that you can use immediately and start seeing results within the first month!
  • Access to our course Slack channel
  • And office hours to ask questions, get feedback, or run ideas by me
  • Course Dates

    Module 1: Your Email Mindset

    Next cohort coming soon

    Module 2: Email Skillset

    Next cohort coming soon

    Module 3: Toolset

    Next cohort coming soon

    Module 4: Recap and Review

    Next cohort coming soon

  • This course is perfect for...

    1. Founders who wear a ton of hats and don't have time to get their email marketing up and running
    2. Junior marketers who don't have a ton of experience, need to learn the basics and are expected to get the job done
    3. Small business owners who have tried some email marketing but haven't seen the results they were hoping for


  • Hear what people have to say...

    “Anne has assembled an excellent introduction to the world of email marketing. This course breaks down all the facets of an email marketing campaign into understandable chunks that startups can easily implement in their overall marketing strategy."
    "Email is core to any early-stage company's growth, but it can be frustrating and time-consuming to sift through the best practices and advice out there to build a strategy that works. Anne's email course cuts through the noise, offering targeted insights and practical advice that's tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities early-stage companies face, from choosing the right email platform to writing copy that engages and retains customers."


    "The content is concise and immediately actionable, and helped me think more creatively and strategically about our own email marketing efforts. In a sea of generic advice, Anne's course stands apart as a clear, practical guide for marketers, operators, and founders looking to develop an email program. I highly recommend it to any startup looking to quickly and effectively harness the power of email marketing."

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